About Us

Help people visualize their message. Make stuff look awesome.

I love graphics!  Eyeidea began over two decades ago.  We've come a long way since our first logo design on a tiny black and white Mac Performa 200 (yes we still have it).  The goal in the beginning was simply to help people with their graphic needs. Logos, ads and brochures was the starting point. Later we got into creating websites and making animated GIFs!  The next big step was venturing into broadcast television, creating motion graphics for clients across all major networks.  The journey has been so amazing, absolutely humbling.

Not everyone can afford to make their project look the way they want it and we want to help with that.  We started producing stock imagery in 1998. By 2006 Eyeidea was the #1 video contributor on the #1 micro-stock photo site in the world (again humbling). Things have changed quite a bit in the stock media industry. The market is diluted with so many sub-par visuals. We believe curation of content is part of the solution. Curation is not only helpful to the customer but important for the market to grow and evolve. Eyeidea wants to help designers, artists and creators find the right image and also have options within that imagery subject. We sell only curated collections with multiple assets. All visuals in our collections have a cohesive look and feel. We create everything in house in the USA, and images in a collection are finished by the same artist. We hope to help you find the perfect visual element and give you the flexibility your project requires at affordable prices.
photo of Chad J.W. Anderson
Chad J.W. Anderson